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SkillsEvents brought to you by Optimus Education, are the market leader in delivering skills, career and apprenticeship events across the UK.

Since 2007 SkillsEvents, known then as Prospects Events, has welcomed thousands of young people to venues across the UK each year with the purpose of igniting their ambition and kick-starting their careers to set them off on their path to success.

Visitors to our SkillsEvents are school leavers from 14 years old and above, teachers, careers leaders, and parents, carers and families. SkillsEvents are free for visitors to attend and they provide young people with everything they need to know about applying for further and higher education courses, apprenticeship opportunities, trainee schemes and volunteering. Those who are planning to apply for apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships and other work-based learning courses will also be able to choose from hundreds of live vacancies on the opportunities board within the venue.

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Skills Events make the difficult task of choosing a career path easier by helping young people to visualise themselves in different roles and create a plan for their future. Skills Events help young people to realise their potential and the career possibilities that could come with life as an independent adult. Skills Events are not just about encouraging young people to find a job after they leave school, they are about helping them to find the right job. Guiding young people toward roles that they find rewarding, with good earning potential and long-term prospects, will go a long way towards helping to improve overall living standards, mental health and wellbeing. We celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace and contribute by making our events accessible for people with learning difficulties, disabilities or other perceived barriers to employment, so they can find roles that are suitable for them.

Our events are also run for the benefit of our diverse selection of exhibitors. Exhibitors have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic young people in the early stages of their careers planning and share their passion and enthusiasm for what they do and what they can offer. We encourage businesses from all sectors and specialisms who can offer apprenticeships, training courses, volunteer opportunities and further and higher education institutions to exhibit at Skills Events. By working with a large and varied selection of partners, we can offer a more varied selection of options to our visitors and present them with more opportunities. Many of our exhibitors choose to return each year because of the huge benefit Skills Events brings to their organisation.


Optimus Education is part of Shaw Trust, one of the UK’s largest charities. Optimus Education and Shaw Trust are committed to helping people to overcome their barriers and find work that is suitable for them and rewarding. Through a shared vision of creating positive, lasting change we work to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally.

We are extremely proud of the work that we do and the contribution we make toward helping young people to succeed and develop.

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