1. Definitions
In these Conditions:
‘Booking’ means an accepted application for a stand by the relevant Exhibitor
‘Conditions’ means these terms and conditions
‘Event’ means the Skills London exhibition to be held at the Premises on the date(s) specified in
the Form
‘Fee’ means the stand booking fee (including VAT specified in the Form
‘Form’ means the Stand Booking Form accompanying these Conditions
‘Exhibitor’ means the person, company, firm or other organisation specified as such in the Form and
includes their employees, contractors and/or agents
‘Organiser’ means BusinessLDN and Optimus Education and includes its employees, contractors and/or agents
‘Premises’ means the exhibition venue specified in the Form

2. Application and Acceptance
No application for a stand at the Event will be accepted unless submitted on a duly completed Form signed by the Exhibitor or by a duly authorised signatory on its behalf and no contract or Booking will be concluded unless and until the Form has been signed by a duly authorised signatory of the Organiser. The Organiser shall have the absolute discretion to refuse any Booking and shall have no
obligation to provide a reason for such refusal.

3. Duration of the Event
The Event will be open to visitors on the dates shown on the Form. The Exhibitor will be permitted reasonable access to the Premises for the purposes of construction and dismantling of its stand immediately prior to, and immediately following, the Event.

4. Payment
The Exhibitor shall pay 100% of the fee no later than 30 days from date of invoice and or prior to the event whichever comes first. Full payment prior to the event is required to guarantee your access to the Event.

5.Late Payment/Non-Payment
The Organiser shall have the absolute right to cancel any Booking from any Exhibitor who fails to make any payment due under these Conditions on the due date and no Exhibitor shall, under any circumstances, be permitted to occupy a stand the Fee for which has not been previously paid for in full. Any cancellation of any Booking by the Organiser in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph of the Conditions shall be without prejudice to and in addition to the Organiser’s right to payment of all sums due under paragraph 6 of the Conditions. The Organiser shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 4% per annum on all sums payable in respect of any Booking from the date upon which the same falls due for payment until judgement or sooner payment.

In the event of cancellation of any Booking by the Exhibitor for any reason, or by the Organiser pursuant to paragraph 5 or paragraph 11, more than 4 months prior to the commencement of the Event, the Fee shall be reduced by 30% and shall become payable forthwith upon such cancellation. In the event of cancellation less than 4 months prior to the commencement of the Event, the entire Fee shall become payable save in the event that the stand that is the subject of such Booking is re-let by the Organiser to another Exhibitor prior to the Event, in which event the Fee shall be reduced by 30%.

The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless from and against any and all:
(a)loss or damage suffered by the Organiser or to any of its property; and/or
(b)liabilities, claims, demands, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by or made or threatened against the Organiser by any third parties, including (but not limited to) the owner or landlord of the Premises, other exhibitors, visitors to the Event and any contractors, employees servants or agents of the Organiser in respect of any death or personal injury or loss or damage to any property or consequential loss or damage caused by or resulting from or arising out of or in consequence of any act or omission of the Exhibitor or any of its employees, contractors, servants or agents in relation to the Event or any Booking or stand at the Event

8.Exclusion/Limitation of Liability
Save in the case of death or personal injury, and save as otherwise expressly provided in the
Conditions, the Organiser shall have no liability to the Exhibitor for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, claim or liability incurred or suffered in connection with or arising out of the Event, any Booking or stand. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any liability which the Organiser may have to the Exhibitor, or which may be imposed upon the Organiser, shall in any event be limited to £5,000.  

9. Force Majeure
Optimus Education Limited will not be liable for its obligations under the these terms and conditions as to the delivery of the Exhibition stand space if non-delivery due to any of the following causes: if the Exhibition is postponed, cancelled or abandoned by reason of war, fire, storm, explosion, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lock-out, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, force majeure, the nonavailability, either wholly or partially, of the Exhibition premises, or any other cause not within the control of Optimus Education Limited. It will however in the event of it not being able to hold the Exhibition for any of the above named reasons reimburse the Exhibitor on a pro-rata basis for any amount paid, less any and all legitimate expenses incurred by Optimus Education Limited, such as but not limited to rent, advertising payments, operating costs, provided that Optimus Education Limited, has itself been able to obtain a refund of any such amounts paid to any third party and provided that the Exhibitor shall not have been compensated through its own insurance for such losses.   

10. Allocation of Stands and/or Space
A Booking made in respect of a particular number or location of a stand does not guarantee that such stand or location will be made available to the Exhibitor at the Event. Whilst the Organiser will endeavour to comply with requests for specific stands and/or locations, it shall at all times retain the absolute right of final determination of allocation of stands and/or location and in particular shall have the right at any time to vary or amend the overall layout and location of stands at the Event if, in its opinion such variation or amendment is in the interests of the Event or if it is requested or required to do so by any competent authority.

11. Restrictions, Obligations and Responsibilities of the Exhibitor
11.1 The Exhibitor shall not under any circumstances:
(a)assign, sub-let or grant any license in respect of any stand or location at the Event without the prior written consent of the Organiser
(b)obstruct or allow to be obstructed any gangways or open spaces at the Event and shall reimburse the Organiser its costs of removal of any such obstruction
(c)store any packing cases or packaging materials on any stand at the Event
(d)distribute or display sales, promotional or other literature outside of the confines of the stand
allocated to it at the Event or canvass or solicit members of the public attending at the Event other than within the confines of such stand
(e)connect any electrical equipment at the Premises of a type or in a manner which is not approved by the official electrical contractors for the Event or in an unsafe manner or contrary to any rules or regulations imposed by the owners of the Premises or by any competent authority
(f)deliver or remove any goods from any stand allocated to it at the Event at any time during the open hours of the Event

11.2 The Exhibitor shall:
(a)be solely responsible for its own liability insurance and for the insurance and security of its stock and equipment at the Event and any stand allocated to it at the Event
(b)ensure that any stand allocated to it at the Event is staffed and open to visitors at all times during the opening hours of the Event and is staffed only by its employees or agents wearing suitable badge
(c)ensure that all its name plates, signs, posts, notice boards, and badges comply with any regulations laid down by the Organiser from time to time with regard to covering, construction, dimensions, colour schemes and content and that, where applicable, arrangements for attaching the same to any stand are made with the sole contractors
(d)ensure that all applicable regulations laid down or imposed by any Local Authority, Fire Authority or other competent authority (including but not limited to any imposed by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) are fully complied with in relation to the design, construction, use and materials of any stand allocated to it at the Event
(e)obtain and fully comply with all appropriate licenses and consents (including but not limited to those from the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Ltd) for the public performance or broadcast of any copyright musical, film or other work which it wishes to employ at any stand allocated to it at the Event. The Organiser shall have the absolute right to prohibit or limit any such public performance or broadcast for which appropriate licenses or consents cannot be produced or which the Organiser otherwise considers is detrimental to the Event.
(f)provide all necessary labour for receiving, carrying and installing exhibits and fittings at any stand
allocated to it at the Event and shall fully comply with any movement plan laid down or imposed from time to time by the Organiser

12. Frustration
The Organiser shall have no liability to the Exhibitor, its employees, servants, contractors or agents in the event that the Event is cancelled, reduced or in any way impaired directly or indirectly as a result of any event, act or matter beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser.

13. Amendment or Variation to the Conditions
The Organiser reserves the right to amend or vary the Conditions at any time in the event that it considers such amendment or variation to be in the interests of the Event and no such amendment or variation shall release the Exhibitor from any obligation under its Booking. Save as provided in this clause, no amendment or variation to the Conditions shall be valid or effective unless recorded in writing and signed by a duly authorised signatory of the Organiser and the Exhibitor. The Conditions shall supersede and replace any other terms, conditions representations or warranties produced, agreed or referred to prior to acceptance by the Organiser of any Booking.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Conditions and any contract in which they are incorporated shall be governed by the laws of
England and the Exhibitor irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to any dispute or matter in relation thereto.  

15. Data
By signing the stand booking form, you agree that Optimus Education and BusinessLDN can use your data in relation to Skills London activity.  

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Updated July 2022